We have united our criteria on evaluating the risks of the tourism operation throughout the national territory, with the aim of taking care of you, our community and collaborators. In this way we have implemented a biosafety protocol.

Below we highlight the most important points:

- Our staff have received training regarding the new standards and our biosecurity measures.
- We make sure that our staff members enter and leave the hotel in good health.
- We stablished a risk management committee focused on guaranteeing the security of our facilities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.
- We created a contingency plan that defines the guidelines for our entire team in case of infection or if someone has symptoms.
- We updated the strength of our team so that it complies with biosecurity standards.
- We updated the service procedures of our team to avoid the risk of infection. These services include: check-in, room service, restaurant, luggage transfers, bar, etc.


- We established a behavior protocol for our guests focused on reducing the risk of contagion between visitors and our community.

- We have provided brochures with hygiene, social distancing and cleaning procedures in all the common areas of the hotel.
- We installed new points for hand disinfection in specific areas of the hotel.
- We have identified elements constantly exposed to contamination and we are implementing a programmed and controlled cleaning of these areas or elements.
- To reduce unnecessary contact points, we reduced the decoration and furniture in our hotel.

- We established a new procedure for cleaning the rooms in order to avoid cross contamination and be able to deliver a completely disinfected room.

- We increased the cleaning and disinfection frequencies of our facilities.
- We constantly train our cleaning team in these new procedures.
- We are using cleaning products and approved methodologies to eliminate the virus.

- We improved our sanitation procedures and include new procedures against COVID-19 in accordance with current regulations.
- We make sure that our suppliers fulfill  the cleaning and disinfection protocol in all their processes.
- The maximum occupancy of our restaurants will be 30%.

- We identified sustainable alternatives for the implementation of our protocol in order to reduce the waste generated by these new measures.
- This protocol has not neglected our commitment to the environment. Our hotels consciously work on their Sustainability Plans, avoiding as much as possible polluting products.
- Our hotels focus on protecting the great natural and cultural biodiversity of Colombia, we combine local cultures and places with the experiences that our visitors enjoy.
- We use regional products in each of the restaurants, we recycle waste, save energy and water consumption for the good of our environment.

- All the vehicles that enter our facilities are completely disinfected.
- If you reserve a transfer service with us, we guarantee a vehicle that meets the biosafety conditions for each service.