Exploring the Barichara region with Casa Yahri!

You are in good hands.

Come explore the Barichara region with us! Our team of professional guides will show you all the best parts of the area away from the crowd. Our activities can be customized to fit your interests, so you're guaranteed to have a unique and memorable experience.

Cultural activities and sightseeing

Discover Barichara

Length: 4 hours 

Difficulty Level: Easy 

This stunning village is home to some of the most well-preserved architecture in the country, and the friendly locals are always happy to show visitors around. Come see why Barichara is a favorite destination for travelers from all over the world!

Artisanal workshops

Length: 3 to 4 hours 

Difficulty Level: Easy 

If you're looking to get more in touch with your creative side, why not sign up for one of our local art workshops? Adobe construction, painting with dirt, ceramic making and clay painting, weaving with "fique" - there's something for everyone! 

Visit a coffee farm

Length: 5 hours (Lunch included)

Difficulty Level: Easy 

Come join us on a coffee farm near Barichara, where you can learn about the different coffee seeds and methods of preparation. You'll have the opportunity to see the entire process of coffee, from the seed to your own cup!

Explore Guane & its Archeological Museum

Length: 4 hours 

Difficulty Level: Easy 

Visit the charming village of Guane. Located just 25 minutes from Barichara, the Main Square is home to a small but interesting Archeological and Paleontological Museum.

Cable car across the canyon

Length: 1 hour

Difficulty Level: Easy

This is not as much as an activity, but a great way to cross the Chicamocha Canyon for the first time. A thrilling adventure to kick off your visit to Barichara.
Make sure to include it in your arrival transfer for an unforgettable experience!

Cooking and wellness

Cooking lesson 
with lunch or dinner

Length: 3 hours (Meal included)

Difficulty Level: Easy 

The best way to know a country is through its food. In this three-hour workshop, you'll learn all about the techniques and ingredients used in Santander's traditional dishes.

Tibetan massage or yoga

Length: 2 hours 

Difficulty Level: Easy 

Barichara is the perfect destination for yoga and wellness seekers! Take advantage of our experienced professionals and arrange a session tailored to your needs and availability.

Hiking and adventure

Hiking from Barichara to Guane

Length: 4 hours 

Difficulty Level: Easy to medium

Take a journey through the “Camino Real”, the Royal Path that was built in the 19th Century to connect Barichara to the lost village of Guane. Enjoy beautiful views along the way as you make your way through this enchanted path. The hike will take about 2 hours, plus the time spent visiting the village.

Hiking from Villanueva to Jordan

Length: 6 hours  (Picnic lunch included)

Difficulty Level: Medium

Hike through the stunning Chicamocha canyon to the 'ghost' town of Jordan.
The village is connected to others by a network of old paths, the 'Camino real' or Royal Path. 

The journey, mostly downhill, should take around 1 hour.

Horseback ridding

Length: 5 hours  (Picnic lunch included)

Difficulty Level: Easy to medium

Take a ride through the beautiful countryside on horseback and experience the traditional culture of the area. 

This is a great way to enjoy the views and have some fun with family and friends.

* You must be 10 years or older to do this activity.

Waterfall rappel + Rafting on Fonce River

Length: 8 hours (Lunch included)

Difficulty Level: Easy to medium

Discover and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Juan Curi's Waterfall by rappelling down the cascade!

This fantastic activity can be combined with a peaceful float along the Fonce River

* Juan Curi's Waterfall is not available on national holidays, and on Christmas season.                  

Hike from Villanueva to Jordan + Rafting in the Chicamocha rivers

Length: 6 hours  (Picnic lunch included)

Difficulty Level: Medium

This area is great for rafting on the rivers that cross the canyon. With three levels of difficulty, beginners, intermediate and advanced, this is the perfect activity for a full day out. Hike the trails and take in the spectacular Colombian flora and fauna while you navigate the river.

* Must be 14 years or older to do this activity.

Mountain Bike Down Hill or Cross Country

Length: 5 to 7 hours  (Lunch included)

Difficulty Level: Medium to hard

Experience the rush of mountain biking down the Chicamocha Canyon!
Take in the incredible views and natural atmosphere as you speed down the winding paths. There are also gentler options available if you prefer. Join us now for an unforgettable adventure!

* Must be 14 years or older to do this activity.

Paragliding in the Chicamocha Canyon

Length: 20min flight + time for security instructions

Difficulty Level: Medium

A must! Are you ready for an unforgettable experience? Come explore the magnificent views of the canyon from the sky!
We have several spots to choose from, so let us help you pick the perfect place for your aerial adventure.

* This activity must be scheduled in the morning.